Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or seasoned executive looking to buy into a profitable business model? If so, consider investing in a franchise like 1-800-Radiator and A/C. 1-800-Radiator and A/C franchises are the nation’s leading wholesale auto parts distributor and the fastest growing franchise network in the auto parts industry. Each 1-800-Radiator and A/C franchisee has an average of 1,000 automotive type businesses as its chief customers, including car dealers, parts stores, gas stations, repair shops, collision/body shops, junk yards and more.

1-800-Radiator and A/C franchises have a competitive advantage over the competition. 1-800-Radiator’s proprietary software system allows franchisees to maintain the finest inventory with the lowest failure rating and have the parts their customers need in stock when they call. 1-800-Radiator provides the best parts on the market, and their product line includes the highest quality radiators, hoses, thermostats, a/c condensers, fan assemblies, side view mirrors, gas tanks, compressors, sending modules, and more.

Additionally, the system includes a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) feature, which provides franchisees with invaluable marketing formulas so they know where to concentrate next with their marketing efforts. The system also delivers real-time data on profitability, sales performance, and employee productivity.

Want to join the 1-800-Radiator and A/C franchise network? Visit www.1800radiator.com/franchise to learn more.